Don’s December Premier Series Top Picks

My first top pick this month has to be the 2004 Château Laronde Desormes. This exceptional effort came straight from the château’s cellar.  It highlights just how good a Petit Château Bordeaux can be from a serious producer such as Laronde Desormes.  In addition, mature Bordeauxis hard to find and typically fabulously expensive.  To offer an authentic château bottled Bordeauxat its prime to our Premier Series members warms my heart.  Be sure to decant this exceptional offering and enjoy it with a fine meal.  Equally impressive is Massone’s 2011 Vignetto Masera Gavi – a perennial favorite.  Bright and fresh like the living waters of a high mountain stream Massone’s Gavi earns special feature status this month, too.  It always makes me wonder if the water from the mythical “Fountain of youth” could taste any fresher or be any more vibrant than Massone’s Masera Gavi.  However, these Top Picks shouldn’t take anything away from this month’s other selections: Nino Franco’s seductive Prosecco and Château de St. Lager’s delicious Brouilly.  A votre santé.