Don’s December Collector’s Series Top Picks

Collector Series Top Picks are always the most challenging.  How do I exclude a wine our tasting panels have deemed highly desirable and chosen as a monthly feature and then say “sorry, guy, you’re good but your two buddies are better . . . you’re out of here.”  Harsh, don’t you think, and not exactly in the spirit of the season?  Consequently, I’m going to make a case for all three of this month’s selections. 

For starters, it’s hard to imagine a Châteauneuf-du-Pape better than Domaine du Grand Tinel’s Cuvée Alexis Establet.  It’s from a great producer in an awesome vintage, and it has garnered top ratings from the most discerning critics.  Moreover, it gets my nod.  The only caveat is this: the 2010 Cuvée Alexis Establet is an infant.  To drink it now wouldn’t be a catastrophe, but putting it down for a few years will handsomely reward your patience. 

Fournier’s Cuvée Silex Sancerre is another exciting wine from one of France’s most esteemed producers.  This limited bottling of Sancerre rarely makes it to the US and is a true collectable among Sancerre aficionados.  It, too, is a baby, but what a beauty she is. 

Last but not least, Albert Pasanau’s Ceps Nous Priorat may very well be the finest quality and value one can find today from Spain’s fabled Priorat.  The 2010 Ceps Nous is simply delicious now and promises even more in the years to come.  A votre santé