Don’s April Collector’s Series Top Picks

I confess to having a penchant recently for polished, complex Tuscan reds such as Morazzano’s 2005 Re.  And what a wine Re is.  Born on the hills of Montescudaio close to Sassicaia and some of Tuscany’s other illustrious names, Re outperforms most Brunello di Montalcino in my book and a host of lesser “Super Tuscans,” too.  Consequently, Re is one of my top picks for the month time.  Give this beauty some breathing time, and then taste it again and again as it works its magic.

My other Top pick for this month is Alejandro Fernandez’s 2005 El Vinculo, an old vine Tempranillo from La Mancha.  El Vinculo demonstrates La Mancha’s ability to produce outstanding Tempranillo.  It is one of the finest wines I have ever tasted from La Mancha and another resounding success from Alejandro Fernandez, Spain’s King of Tempranillo; hence, my choice as this month’s other Top Pick!

A Votre Santé!