Don Lahey on the Task of Posting His Top Picks

Each month we post our featured wines in each level of our service both on our web site and on our Facebook page so that members that eagerly await their next shipment have the opportunity to check them out before they arrive.  I’ve been asked to highlight which of our featured wines are my personal favorites each month and have to say that choosing a favorite monthly feature is akin to “Sophie’s Choice.”  It causes me true anxiety, leaving me with a guilty conscience and profound sense of paternal betrayal.  Why?  Choosing one wine over another tends to diminish the character and quality of the other features, which is never my intention.

There isn’t a monthly feature our tasting panels choose that I wouldn’t drink and enjoy.  However, I do have personal preferences, and therein lies the source of my guilt – preferring one child over the others.  No matter how much you love a child or a wine, you may like one better on any given day.  Consequently, we will be highlighting two wines each month, one from our Premier and one from our Collector’s Series.  These wines are Don’s choices, either because of personal preference or some special attribute on the part of the “favored child.”

A Votre Santé!