Collector Series Top Picks

Artesa continues to fashions outstanding estate bottled Chardonnays, and the property’s 2010 Estate Reserve may be this formidable property’s best Chardonnay to date.  Consequently, our First Top Pick goes to the 2010 Artesa Estate Reserve Chardonnay.  Drink it now and enjoy it, or lay it down to garner additional complexity.  This Chardonnay will offer great drinking for five years or more.  This month’s second Top Pick is where the guilt sets in.  For present consumption, Peltier Station’s rare and superbly rendered 2006 Teraldego from a tiny 2 acre vineyard on the estate, is simply not to be missed.  Suave, sophisticated, and drinking beautifully right now, it’s earned a spot at the top.  It’s a Top Pick for sure.  However, Tremonte’s 2010 Monte Rekewa Oro de Los Coipos deserves to be mentioned as well.  Granted, this full-throttle blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon begs for more time in the bottle to reveal all that it has to offer, but if what we tasted is any indication of what one can expect from this youthful giant, we’re in for one heck of a treat.  So it also deserves a spot at the top for the awesome potential it portends.  A votre santé!