Best Summertime Sangria

(Serves 4 people, with room for refills)

2 Bottles of White Zinfandel (I prefer using White Zinfandel to red because it is lighter and crisper, and mixes well with any fruit I decide to use)
½ cup Remy Martin VSOP
½ cup Absolut Peach Vodka
1 can papaya juice
1 can guava juice
1 cup cranberry juice (NOT cocktail)
½ bag frozen peaches, sliced
½ box fresh strawberries, quartered
½ box blueberries
2 oranges

The beauty of sangria is how versatile it is.  It never needs to be made from a standard recipe like so many other cocktails and punches seem to.  In fact, you can pretty much make sangria any way you like, as long as you incorporate the key ingredients: wine, fruit, sweetener, brandy.  The kind of wine and fruit you use, and any other ingredients you want to throw in as well, are all up to you.  This is what makes sangria such a fun, experimental cocktail.  Red sangria, white sangria, sparkling sangria?   It’s completely up to you!