And The Winners are …

So today is the big day ladies and gentlemen – we’ve had a sweepstakes giveaway going on for the past month and today we unveil the grand prize winner!  So without further ado, the grand prize winner of our Aromaster Wine Tasting Kit is … (intense drum-roll) … Barbara Newell! Barbara’s new kit includes 80 of the most common wine scents designed by wine professionals, an educational board game, and wine aroma wheels to help identify wine scents!  Enjoy your new kit Barbara and Congratulations!

In addition to our grand prize, we’ve also randomly selected 50 of our other entries to receive a handy Wine-Aerating Pour Spout!

Here are the lucky winners:

Greg O.

Jessica N.

Tobi R.

Blake L.

Jack W.

Joanne L.

Nicole F.

Garrett B.

Terry H.

Mark D.

Mark A.

F. Pantoja

Kathryn V.

Kelley S.

Carla F.

Valerie S.

Tim H.

David E.

Ed W.

Lee S.

Debra F.

Derrick B.

Karen R.

Bob Y.

Jerry B.

Sue S.

Sue F.

Kurt F.

Michael S.

J. Ross

Cheri P.

Bruce T.

Rebecca H.

Bob W.

Andy H.

Claude K.

James H.

Chris C.

Amanda B.

Debbie L.

Maria W.

Susan M.

Al M.

Grace T.

Ally A.

Debby N.

Dan M.

Laurie A.

Tim K.

Jennifer L.


We just want to thank everyone for supporting our Facebook launch and for participating in our giveaway! Stay connected with our page to find out all kinds of good stuff like what’s going on with our club, and the wine world in general.