The International Wine of the Month Club Customer Testimonials

"The International Wine of the Month Club is fantastic - it started as a gift and we still receive it from my brother/sister in law... every year - it is by far the best gift ever - The wines are all terrific! OMG... We look forward to the package - we have never received a wine that we did not like...ever... and that is amazing. We love sharing the wine with friends - just cannot say enough about it... and recommend either becoming a member or giving it as a gift every chance we get."
Jim & Lynne Caramello, MA

"We have owned our own business for almost 20 years and every year at Christmas we struggle with a gift for our partners. About 5 years ago we sent each of them a gift membership and it turned out to be the absolute perfect gift! The wine is unique and wonderful and really “what’s not to love?” Nothing brings a smile to your face like a delivery of fine wine! You guys are the best – keep up the good work!!"
Chuck & Ann Weidner, IL

"We have several friends who, like us, are "foodies" and, in all modesty, pretty good cooks. Every two years, we go to a small cooking school in a different part of the world. We've done Tuscany, Provence and, just this past September, Catalonia, Spain. With this background, we particularly enjoy discovering the excellent wines we receive each month from the Club, many of which are from regions we have visited and from which we cook."
David & Karen Ruef, NJ

"I have had the pleasure of both receiving the wine of the month club and gifting to clients. As a recipient, we enjoyed each selection and loved the opportunity to explore new wines. The literature allowed us to learn about each wine so we could truly embrace the experience. The wine was always packaged nicely and we never had any issues with damaged goods or delayed delivery. My husband and I received the same fantastic reviews from our clients. They raved about the uniqueness of the gift and many enjoyed sharing their wine with family and friends over the holidays. I would highly recommend the wine of month club. The gift that keeps on giving!"
Jessica Dailey, NC

"The Wine of the Month Club has been a great gift for friends and relatives for years and we’ve always gotten great feedback. Over the years, we’ve also given gifts of the Beer and Cigar Clubs with the same wonderful results. Giving Club memberships is easy and provides a monthly reminder to the receiver of how much I care about them. It’s a great way to provide a gift that is unique every month. Now that we live in Hawaii, it’s easy to send that special gift without paying so much for shipping."
Greg Askew & Candace Boxer, HI

"I’ve used the International Wine Club several times as surprise gifts for friends who have hosted me at their house while I traveled. It provided me with a very easy way to recognize their hospitality while giving them something they truly appreciate. I love to be able to surprise people but it can be a bit difficult to find the right thing, buy it, pack it and send it. With a quick phone call I’m able to take care of it all at once and very quickly (so maybe that makes me lazy, too!) . Frankly, so many people have most of the basics that this ends up sort of the icing on the cake. And their feedback after they get it has always been their enjoyment of the wines, quality and service."
Dave Leitch, WA

"Happiness is… a well-stocked wine rack! We continually enjoy our wine club selections. It is such a great way to experience new varietals of wine from different producers and countries. It is always a big surprise to see what we will get and we have yet to be disappointed. Having great wine comes in handy for those last minute dinner parties or invitations. It is nice to know we always have something great in the rack to contribute! We also love the gift memberships. When our family visited us from out of state, a trip to wine country was on the top of their itinerary. Being able to surprise them with a wine club membership once they were home made a wonderful reminder of the trip!"
Joan & Phillip G., CA

"I've been a customer of for over 15 years and I keep coming back for more. When I need a gift that will be appreciated, savored and remembered, this is where I turn. It's very fun to give a gift that keeps on giving -- each month a tasty new surprise shows up on the doorstep. I have several friends that still remind me of how fun it was to get a new package each month. The selection (beer, wine, chocolate -- you name it) is always unique and thoughtful. Although I'm always sending a few months to my friends and family, I love receiving even more than giving! And I really like reading the newsletter -- it makes it even more enjoyable as you start to understand the subtleties of each selection."
Eric and Helen Bernd, CA

"I love my club membership! It's an event every month, I get great wine delivered to my house, selected by a truly talented sommelier. My exposure and knowledge of wines has grown exponentially having now tasted so many varieties and benefited from the creatively written narrative explaining the beverages. Join the club, wine and the knowledge of it is one of life's great pleasures! Cheers!"
Dave Bolger, IL

"I bought my parents the Wine club subscription for Christmas and they were so pleased with the selection of wines they received. My parents both love wine so it was the perfect gift because it came every month! I would definitely buy from The International Wine of the Month Club again!"
Annette Terkaly, CA

"I love giving The International Wine Club of the Month membership as a gift. The Club has so many options to choose from - I can always find the right combination for my recipient's taste and my budget. The wines are always high quality and the Club's focus on limited production and hard to find vintages provides any wine lover, novice or aficionado, with an opportunity to try something they might not otherwise experience. Buying memberships for my friends and business associates also gives me an opportunity to buy a few months for myself! Cheers!"
Terri Hall, CA

"Being a professional salesman, I always like to recognize companies that go above and beyond to earn your business. I wanted to drop a short note to tell you of the experience I have had dealing with your company for over 5 years. As I mentioned before I am a businessman, who likes to recognize customers, vendors and fellow employees for their actions. Monthly clubs has always been there for me and with a simple call to David my customer service rep. my orders are handled with care and expedience! My favorite club is the wine club because with a simple question of white or red I can determine what type of wine to send and you have never let me down, the quality of the wine is second to none. I have even started in the last couple of years to send this as gifts around the holidays to my family! Keep up the good work, and thanks for being there when I need you!"
Robert H Fisher Jr, FL

"My husband’s and my favorite wine club, by far. You find the most interesting wines from vineyards we would never discover on our own, 'artisan' wines we call them. Having lived in France for several years we drink wine almost daily so when we find one we especially love we call up and order more of the same. When we dine out we often take one of our club wines and pay a corkage fee because we can’t beat the quality for the money, corkage included! The attached picture was taken on Valentine’s day, 2013, at a favorite restaurant where we were enjoying the Club’s January shipment, the 2011 Errazuriz Estate Reserva Carmenère. 'Délicieux!' "
Gini Cassara, CA

"Here we are celebrating our 13th anniversary at a local BYOB with one of our wine club monthly selections, the "Flor Del Paramo Preito Picudo Tinto". Good marriages and good wine just get better with age! Actually, I am currently enjoying a recent selection, "Feudi di San Marzano", as I type this. Both my husband and I have enjoyed the selections you send each month and I would definitely recommend the club to others. My husband just recently commented about the consistent quality of the wines you've sent us over the years. Please keep up the quality selections!!!"
Cathy & Jim Salamone, PA

"Wow, great job my wife I are big fans of the monthly clubs. We have got wine, beer, flowers all the product are first class. Their website is fantastic and easy to build custom orders for family or clients. We look forward to getting our delivery every month and trying new and different wines. The flowers show up fresher and more elegant that you can get at your local flower shop. Great job!"
Craig & Stephanie Satterfield, CA

"I joined the wine club as a novice with wine not really knowing much about what wines I liked or even much on different types of wines or grapes. First & foremost the wine quality was great with wonderful write up information with background & specifics. I was able to try several different types of wine & re-ordered several bottles over the life of the club. I highly suggest this to any wine drinker regardless if your a novice like I was or a wine expert for great quality wine!"
Jake Vaughan, NC

"I had heard about wine clubs in the past, but had never used or received a gift membership. This past Christmas, a dear friend gave me a subscription for two bottles per month (one red and one white). Without a doubt, it has been one of the BEST gifts I’ve ever received because it has kept on giving long after Christmas! I am a Realtor and have decided that I will be sending a subscription from your company as a thank you gift for my clients. What a better way for my clients to remember me than to give a gift that keeps on giving months after the transaction and will remind them of me and my services as they share it with friends? I can’t wait to send it to my next buyer!!"
Kristi Anderson, GA

"Thank you so much for providing us with an absolutely wonderful and consistently delicious selection of wines! Over the years, we have been so pleased with our club membership and always look forward to each month’s excellent selections. In the nearly 10 years we have been members, we have never been disappointed—without fail we have truly enjoyed each and every bottle! In fact, we recall some of our best dinner parties by the wine club wine we served! Thank you again for everything!"
Rhonda & Karl Taube, CA

"I have continually enjoyed the wines that you send me as a member of The International Wine of the Month Club. I also enjoy the literature you send which helps me understand the delicious tastes floating in my mouth. As an amateur wine maker myself, I appreciate the fine wines you send which are crafted by some of the best vineyards in the world."
John Beck, NY

" is the BEST monthly club service. Friendly customer service coupled with well selected quality products is a winning combination that you can count on from this company. I have ordered both the wine and cheese of the month clubs for my foodie snob parents and even they were impressed. I enjoy the variety and surprises I find in each delivery. I always look forward to opening the box and discovering new civilizations of food and drink. I feel like I have traveled the world from my dining room table. Now if only I could get it to fly!"
Daniel Kolodziej, CA

"I’ve been a member of The International WOTMC since 2005. A co-worker was getting all these wonderful wines, so I asked him about the club and joined and since then I’ve received so many great, quality wines. In addition to the consistent quality, value, and variety, the customer service is the Best! Everyone I’ve spoken with over the years for reorders, etc. has been very friendly and helpful. I especially love the Cellar Notes that comes with each shipment that provide background information, including tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and great recipes, many of which I have tried and tried again. If you're a wine enthusiast as I am, I highly recommend this club. You won’t be disappointed!"
Lisa Vitale, FL

"My boyfriend has historically missed the mark on Valentine’s Day until this year when a friend shared that he was getting a gift membership to your wine club. Knowing how much I love wine and like to try new things, he hooked me up for six months and shipped it every other month so it would last the whole year. It’s by far the best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received. We use it as an excuse to make a dinner together once a month and even try to make the recipes in your newsletter (which have been amazing!) I’ve got a feeling there may be a beer club membership in his future as we both love good beer too. Thank you so much!"
Beverly Hanscom, CA

"We have been receiving our monthly shipment of red wine for over 10 years. I can honestly say that we have enjoyed every bottle and never had a bad experience. We also love the variety as we have received just about every type of grape or blend that is produced. The International Wine of the Month Club is one of two wine clubs that we belong to but whenever we have a special event or dinner, we always chose your selections because we know that we will never be disappointed. My sister and her husband also joined after tasting many of the wines that we received in our monthly delivery."
Jim Mulvaney, OH

"My husband and I have been extremely impressed with your selections. We tried several other wine clubs, but were disappointed each time and wouldn’t of tried another, but our son bought us a 3 month gift membership for Christmas and we’ve already renewed it because your selections have been so much better. You must have someone that really knows what they’re doing lining up your wines. We especially liked the Domaine Des Duex Roches St. Veran Chardonnay. It was exceptional! Keep up the good work as they say!"
Maggie and Joe L., NY

"I have The International Wine of the Month Club bookmarked in my 'favorites' and I always look to them first when I need to find the perfect gift for someone. I use them year round for different occasions. Their customer service is AWESOME and I am NEVER disappointed."
Maddie "Punky" T., AL

"Do you feel that you want to send a gift that is a worthy product, is presented elegantly and will definitely be enjoyed? Over the past several years, I have ordered holiday gifts for family back on the East coast. A few family members said that they have placed orders from the Wine Club themselves and thoroughly enjoy the products year around. The quality of the wines, beers and cheeses we have tried have been superb! Ordering has been done with ease especially for me, who has multiple orders to different locations and the website is a great representation of the goods. I give with the confidence that my gifts will get there for the holidays and be completely enjoyed. No brainer!”
Elaine and Jim L., CA

"Last Christmas I was trying to find the 'perfect' gift for my parents who do so much for me and my girls all year through. It just didn't seem to be enough to give them something special just once each year as thanks for all they do. Sadly, with my very hectic life I knew that trying to remember each month to either pick up something or do something special would be impossible. I was SO THRILLED when I found your club because its the PERFECT gift that will last all year. They have enjoyed each bottle and have even shared! With Christmas coming, I had no doubt that I would continue their membership for another year. My Mom told me that this is one of the best gifts she's ever received."
Erin D., RI

"It all started with a year's subscription to a Microbrew of the Month club as a birthday present for my husband, Jim. He was delighted, so the next year I changed it to the half international/half domestic version and made it an ongoing, rather than year. I got a huge hug as my husband said "perpetual beer" with a huge grin on his face. We've since changed to The International Wine of the Month club, whites only, and have been exposed to so many delightful wines that we never would have come across in any other way. I've also given my son "perpetual beer." We all love the month surprise package."
Karen Eikner, TX

"I have so enjoyed being a member of The International Wine Clubs because all of the wines we have received have been exemplary. You've introduced us to so many outstanding wines that we never would have tried otherwise. I am more than pleased with the selections I receive each month. I would enthusiastically recommend The International Wine Club to anyone who loves great, but sometimes unknown wines."
Dennis, NY

"I’ve received your wines for a number of years on and off as gifts (explicitly stated hints) or just as a treat for myself. I must tell you that it is not the same as picking up a bottle from my local grocers. I am not a wine aficionado so walking in and picking a good bottle is sometimes a gamble. This is why I absolutely love and trust your expertise. Picking them is your job, and pouring a few glasses FULL is mine. The shipments arrive intact and on the one occasion when my wine was corked, your very sweet and efficient customer service rep, Lindsay, made it right for me. I will always recommend your company to friends and heck even strangers! Keep up the good work."
Charley B, CA

"I gave The International wine of the Month Club to my brother and his wife as a wedding present. They loved it, and said it was their only "gift that kept on giving!" Getting 2 new bottles a month was a great way for them to remember the fun they had at their wedding, and to appreciate the person who gave the gift... me! They also told me they really enjoyed reading the newsletter, and were becoming wine snobs. Jack said he was learning to appreciate many more types of wines because you have sent them quite a variety of wines from many countries. So I’m hoping they will give me the same thing when I get married!"
Mike S, CA

"A note to let you know how impressed I am with your wines! My wife and I look forward to receiving our selections every month. We have a lot of fun talking about them and pairing them with great food. I’ve even begun ‘reordering’ some wines that weren’t even in my selection! I’ve encouraged my brother, sister, and parents to all join so that we can have something to talk about other than world events and the Green Bay Packers! Keep it up."
John S., MN

"My son gave me a membership to The International wine of the Month Club last Christmas and I have to admit, it’s the best gift he’s given me ever. I’ve received 3 shipments and been more than pleased with each selection that I’ve tried thus far. I think he set me up for a full year so I’m really looking forward to seeing what else shows up on my doorstep each month. The Zenato Valpolicella you sent a few months ago was exceptional! I re-ordered half a case and plan to cellar it for a couple years… if I can wait that long."
Danny F, NM