Don’s May Collector’s Series Top Picks

This month’s Collector Series Top Picks give me palpitations.  Why?  I like all three of the wines for different reasons, and so did the panel.  However, two wines it must be, so it comes down to which two wines I find most compelling at the moment.  Consequently, the 2005 Domaine La Millière Châteauneuf-du Pape warrants a Top Pick.  It’s classic Châteauneuf-du-Pape: a full, rich, polished wine that embodies the commune’s traditional style.  Furthermore, it has six and a half years of age behind and it’s hard to find wines of this quality that are still available in the marketplace.  And better still, this wine has years to go before it reaches its peak.  For present consumption, allow it an hour of aeration: you won’t be disappointed.

My other choice for top billing has to be the 2008 Nash Family Vineyards Shiraz, a mouthwatering blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon from Paarl on the Western Cape of South Africa.  We were completely blown away by the quality of this wine, a very limited edition that has never before been available in the United States.  In fact, we had to travel to South Africa to find it, and getting it here was no mean feat.  We trust you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!


A Votre Santé!